The Moon

Musical installation for the 90th anniversary of Gorky Park. Moscow, 2018

The serene surface of the pond, like a mirror, reflects images of the Moon and stars every day. What would happen if we imagined and turned this mirror the other way round? Then the cosmos would be very close, like in the boldest childhood dreams. A huge immersive installation provided just such an environment for the audience to be alone in their own space and dreams, to meditate and experience the moment.

In complete darkness, accompanied by the magical sound of improvised live music from pianos floating among 250 stars on the water, this fairy-tale became a reality as a 6-meter floating moon shimmered and flickered on the star-covered pond.

The first evening featured a unique program of improvisation by pianists Petr Aidu, Fedor Amirov and Natalya Sokolovskaya — the trio performed live in complete darkness, embracing the audience in the magic of the moment.

The second evening was created in collaboration with neo-classical musician Marynka Nicolai Krylova. Marynka doesn’t use notations while playing, she prepares a modal musical frame, which gets a new treatment with each performance, making it a powerful experience of the here and now.

Installation Concept

Tatyana Ludanik & Katya Volkova


Sergey Vasiliev

Photo: Katya Volkov, Mikhail Frolov