One of the most famous clowns and creatives, Slava Polunin, asked me to figure out how to teach a pigeon to fly. This is the name of the big festival at Polunin’s residence near Paris, for which this public art was created as a permanent installation in his garden of artworks. What could be more desirable for a bird than the ability to soar high in the sky? This is a story about a Big Dream. So, I got the idea of ladders sprouting through the earth to help the “pigeon” reach the sky. Timid and unskilled, unsure and unsightly, with broken steps, like all persistent attempts, but stubbornly striving upward, the “pigeon” reaches for the cherished dream — the sky.

The installation features 6 ladder-like chairs of different heights from 3.8 m to 5 m, standing in acircle in a meadow in Slava’s garden and forming a scenic space. The technology of the installation enables the fixing of the required number of chairs to the ground. At the same time, this installation could be located in the river or anywhere else.

The installation was exhibited at the ‘The Moscow Manege’ as part of the exhibition ‘Slava Polunin’s Air Castles’ from May to July 2022, Moscow.

‘The Moscow Manege’
May — July 2022