A glamping campsite was set up on the roof of the Aviapark shopping center in Moscow. Glamping literately means ‘glamorous camping’ — the freedom of sleeping outside, under canvas, but with all modern city comforts — a cinema, a swimming pool, a game zone and even a sensation zone with trees, stones, sand, wood chips and natural, aromatic oils. There were concerts, workshops, lectures, tastings and other events happening on the campsite.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the world famous Bauhaus School of Design, some of the tents were designed in Bauhaus style, including both unique Bauhaus designs and exact copies of the legendary school’s designs in strict accordance with plans and technology at that time.

Bauhaus style | Natural Style

So, you could experience relaxing on an Erich Dieckmann chair at a Josef Alberts table, playing Josef Hartwig chess. You could lie on pillows covered with Johannes Itten prints. You could check the time on a Gropius training scheme clock, put your smartphone on a bedside table from the famous Bauhaus modular system of the baby rooms in Haus am Horn. All the time, surrounded by photos and posters of Bauhaus founders, teachers, artists and their works.

Most of the Bauhaus design objects had a QR-code to scan with a smartphone for information about the history and details of the creation.

Sitting alongside the carefully made copies of the Bauhaus objects were specially designed new pieces, honouring the Bauhaus style, including a porcelain tea set with strict geometric shapes in the famous Bauhaus color palette, planters, a vase and rugs.

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    Hand made rug designed specially for the Bauhaus-style tent

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    Copy of Josef Hartwig’s chess set with all the pieces created from simple geometric shapes rather than military or monarchy figures.

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    Specially designed napkin holders with a different design on each side.

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    A clock in the form of a famous stamp illustrating the Gropius training scheme of the Bauhaus school


    Classic ball-shaped vase for aromatic oils, following the Bauhaus palette.

Creating costume and performance of Ms. BlueHand for the Opening Day of Bauhaus Glamping


Aviapark Moscow Glamping Escape (Bauhaus Glamping)

The Winner in the category of ‘The Best Trade / Merchandising Activation’

Design / Art Direction: 

Tatyana Ludanik