Stereo Cube

A light-dynamic audio installation for the skating rink of Gorky Park. Moscow, 2017-2018

Inspired by op art and visual illusions, the principal concept for the main installation for the ice rink in Gorky Park was ‘stereo’. Matrix (or StereoHeart) was situated in a fountain in the center of the ice rink and was surrounded by an ice path, so the most important task was to deliver different and changing visuals from every angle.

The installation consisted of nine different-sized cubes, stacked inside each other like a Russian ‘matreshka’ doll, with each cube embracing the smaller cube. The biggest cube was 10×10 metres. LED lights covered every surface of the structure and produced different shapes when switched on or off.

Matrix was an audio dependent installation, which constantly reacted to sounds (music on the rink, special concerts or DJ sets inside), creating a constantly changing picture in real time. The dynamic rhythm of the installation created patterns that changed to the beat of the music. These visual effects caused optical illusions blurring the line between what you see and what is actually there.

10×10 metre, external rhombus located within a 60×60 metre fountain basin

A ceremony of The Cube’s lighting on the Opening day of the rink, Gorky Park.




Gorky Park | Concept
Tatyana Ludanik — artist of the installation 
Maxim Lapchuk — creative director
Katya Volkova — creative producer

Luna Park | Software and animation
Mikhail Grigoriev
Ilya Ryzhkov
Alex Abramov

Studio City Decoration | Production
Alexander Izhevskiy — chief operating officer
Timofey Tuzov — project manager