Immersive space and art installation. Mutabor, ARMA15 2023


Ворон-скиталец, взгляни
Где гнездо твое старое?
Всюду сливы в цвету.

The wandering crow
finds only plum blossoms
where its nest has been

Matsuo Bashō

In this artwork, the theme of spring, to which I often refer in my works, sounds a little different to me. This is not only the theme of the birth ritual of all life on earth, the sacredness of this action, and the power of nature in its struggle for life. But also it’s the begining of the eternal cycle of nature, symbolizing a new turn, a new begining, a renewed life. It’s a faith and hope, that withering, destruction is just a part of the eternal cycle, the law of life, and the next round and new life will surely come after them


At the same time each life is as fleeting and fragile as the first spring petals, referring us to one of the most beautiful and philosophical phenomena of spring in japanese culture — Hanami or cherry blossoms, what symbolises a hope, impermanence, transience and fregile of life.