CELL video art installation is inspired by Carl G.Jung’s Complex psychology. The artwork aims to explore behavioral patterns, reflexes and impulses, which are formed within our minds unconsciously. In response to stressful situations, they unfold as ‘recorded automatisms’ or imprints of previous perceptions, emotions and experiences.

CELL, besides its biological sense, can also be interpreted as a ‘cage’ or a ‘prison’ for the unconscious mind, which is enclosed by the patterns of the past. The rigid structure and square form of the artwork emphasizes this idea. Opaque milky water immerses us into the obscurity and haziness of the unconscious.

Preview version.
Full version: lopped with 5 min original video.

A large reservoir filled with milk symbolizes the human psyche rippled with impulses, emotions and reflections. Also, it serves as a screen for horizontal video projection.

Author: Tatyana Ludanik
Cinematographer: Denis Zersalov
Actress: Sasha Vsesvyatskaya
Composer: Choy Devyat