curriculum vitae

reference: The German Embassy




Tatyana Ludanik studied graphic design at Moscow Art and Industry Institute, where she acquired the necessary toolkit of skills to visualize her ideas. Further studies of theatre design at the British High School of Art and Design provided Tatyana with deeper understanding of post dramatic theatre and immersive art, these insights inspire her to create works that stimulate sensory experiences of a viewer. In her artistic career Tatyana also functions as a manager and producer of her own projects, the roles that she had been prepared for while studying Economics as her Bachelor’s degree at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Tatyana works in different media. The scale and scope of her projects vary from large-size public art objects in city central parks, installations, video art to costume performances and set design. The geography of her recent projects is impressive — Tatyana has created public art in Gorky Park, Skolkovo Industrial Park (Moscow, Russia), installations for permanent collection of Slava Polunin (Le Moulin Jaune, France) and The German Embassy (Goethe-Institut, Russia). She produced a number of interactive installations for ARMA, Mutabor, costume performances for New Holland, Gorky Park, Aviapark, etc. As a set designer, Tatyana collaborated with international festival in Norway (Barents Spektakel 2019, Kirkenes) and Russia (Yuri Bashmet International Art Festival, Sochi 2019, 2020).

Currently, Tatyana resides and creates in Moscow, the city where she was born and bred.

Artist Statement

Working in various media, from public art, installations, video art to costume performances, I always strive to create a deeply immersive environment for my viewers. As in post-dramatic theatre, where there is no barrier between the action and the audience, hence no place for passive observation, I invite my audience to take on active roles and become participants. They let Art inside through their sensory experiences. And this is just the point of entry, Art continues in my viewers as they keep it in their feelings, emotions, perceptions and they take it with them beyond the walls of a theatre or the performance location. This is what motivates me and feeds my curiosity – art as an everyday experience and experiment.

That’s why I enjoy working with city parks, open public spaces, urban landscapes, where I can transform the familiar daily routine. I am deeply convinced that space is an organic extension of us, humans, and as we have an impact on the space around us, so we in our turn can be transformed by space, through immediate reactions and interactions. I believe, that the inner child inside every one of us is still eager for new sensations, fresh emotions and bold adventures. We can travel back to our childhood bliss differently – some people immerse in virtual reality, some exercise spiritual practices, others try to expand their minds with various agents. As for me, Art is a powerful psychedelic medium that can transform our reality and save the inner child from the boredom and fatigue of the everyday life.

New technologies enable us to immerse deeper in VR, however, I prefer to extend not virtual, but the real world. Therefore, in my works I use organic and authentic materials, everyday objects and images (soil, wood, metals, liquids, clothes, etc.). Building on their deep mythological and symbolic meaning, I place them in a totally different context, exposing them to new perspective and perception. I invest a lot of time in experiments with materials, studying their properties and capabilities, mixing techniques in order to find the right technology for the right outcome. Every time I seek to create art, which integrity and truth are those of a living organism. Only such reality can win your trust and acceptance, only such art can immerse you and turn an outside observer into its active participant.

Collaborations include:

2022   ‘Context. Diana Vishneva’ Festival of Contemporary Dance

2022   Museum of Moscow, Moscow

20222019   Arma, Mutabor, Moscow

20222020  The German Embassy, Moscow

2020, 2019  Winter International Arts Festival, Sochi

20222018  Aviapark, Moscow

20202016  Gorky Park, Moscow

2019  Barents Spektakel, Kirkiness, Norway

2019, 2018   New Holland,St. Petersburg

20162015  Slava Polunin, Le Moulin Jaune, France

2016  Skolkovo Industrial Park, Moscow

2015  Outline, Moscow

Major Public Projects:


Stage and costumes for ‘Appearance’. ‘Context. Diana Vishneva’ Festival of Contemporary Dance

Duration: 50 min. 

23 25 November 2022


A 6-hour media performance and stage for ARMAXXII. Mutabor, Moscow

Size: 6 x 6 metres 

19 February 2022


A dynamic light installation ‘Pyramid’. Gorky Park, Moscow 

Size: 16 metres high (21 metres diagonal)

27 November 2020 — March 2021


Installation ‘The Berlin Wall Crack’ for the 30th anniversary of the reunification of Germany (now in a permanent collection in the Goethe German Cultural Center, Moscow) 

Size: 2.8 x 3.6 metre

10 Oktober


A light-dynamic audio installation ‘Dance Floor’s Heart’. Mutabor, Moscow 

Size: 1.3 metre

8 February


Video art installation ‘Cell’. Mutabor, Moscow

Size: 2.5 x 2.5 metre

2 November, 2019


Musical installation-performance ‘The Moon’. Gorky Park, Moscow

Size: 6 metre Moon on 127 x 54 metre pond with stars

31 August — 2 September, 2018


A light-dynamic audio installation ‘StereoHeart’ (Matrix). Gorky Park, Moscow

Size: 10 x 10 metre, external rhombus located within a  60 x 60 metre fountain basin

17 November 2017 — 10 March 2018


A kinetic sculpture ‘Izo Rhythm’. Skolkovo, Moscow (in a permanent collection)

Size: 2.5 metre high

December, 2016


Installation ’Frozen Fountain’. Gorky Park, Moscow

Size: 25 x 9 metre

17 November 2016 — 10 March 2017


Installation ‘Stairways to the Sky’. Moulin Jaune of Slava Polunin, France (in a permanent collection)

Size: composition of 6 stair chairs 3.8 metre to 5 metre

April, 2015


Interactive installation ‘Have A Nice Trip’. Outline, Moscow

Size: Composition of 5 baths 

4—5 July, 2015


Installation ‘Arche’ (The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky). Boyarski palaty, Moscow

Size: Composition of 8 textile shirts 3-metre high

9—12 May , 2015

Costumes / Performances:


‘Arche’ (version 2021). Performance in a collaboration with choreographer Evgeniya Chetvertkova. Mutabor, Moscow

27 March


‘Shiny Ladies’. Performance for International Women’s Day. Aviapark, Moscow

8 March


‘Sweet Couple’. Valentine’s Day performance. Aviapark, Moscow

14 February 


‘Ms. BlueHand’. Performance for the Opening Day of Bauhaus Glamping. Aviapark, Moscow

5 July


‘The Cloud Women’. Performance for International Women’s Day. Aviapark, Moscow

8 March


‘Puzany’. Performance for the Maslenitsa Festival. Gorky Park, Moscow

16—17 February


‘Stereo Types’. Performance for the Opening Day of the Gorky Park ice rink. Gorky Park, Moscow

17 November


‘Monster Hugs’. Performance for the Maslenitsa Festival. Gorky Park, Moscow

25—26 February