The Theatre of Shadows

A 6-hour media performance and stage for ARMAXXII. Mutabor, 2022

Three emotional messages —  trust, energy, feeling —  are revealed during a 6-hour media performance, a diffusion of abstract forms created by overlapping videos, the energy of performing bodies, shadows and lights within a gigantic kaleidoscope. 

Trust, energy and feeling were at the core of 2 weeks of movement research by the dancers before being expressed in a final choreography. All the creators wanted to know how the abstract cross-media performance affected the participants, on both an individual level and as a part of the whole body in the club space.

Direction / concept:

Tatyana Ludanik

Stage design:

Tatyana Ludanik


Evgeniya Chetvertkova


Olga Skvortsova, Phillip Ramo

Video content:

Aleksey Novikov, Evgeny Fine, Tatyana Ludanik, Evgeniya Chetvertkova, Kate Kobzar, Aleksey Kirsanov


Poskorkova Irina, Tatiana Romodina, Dasha Deryabina, Lucien Lubimova, Zarina Makasheva, Svetlana Novikova, Sheiko Daria, Aleksey Kirsanov, Aglaya Fedotova, Lena Sysoeva


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